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150 Acres! So Many Possibilities

The property consisting of 150 acres offers multiple choices for event sites. So many possibilities to set the perfect atmosphere and arena for your event! Select a special tree lined area or any open area and it can be transformed into your own individual ceremony site. Choose from one of the special areas that have been affectionately named or choose and name your own special site.

The bride and her attendants can walk the traditional bridal path or use the beautiful white bridge crossing over the creek to access the many pond options. Along with different choices for ceremony site, we have different options for the bride and bridal party’s entrance.

Wedding Suites

Bridal Suite

Wedding Suite at Rural Hill Farm

Beautifully furnished and decorated. Plenty of amenities for getting ready, having hair and makeup done or relaxing. Complete with shower, spacious toilet area, lots of electrical outlets, large mirrors including a full size wall mirror. 

Grooms Suite

Groom Suite at Rural Hill Farm

Complete with full bathroom, large flat screen TV, kitchenette with refrigerator