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Modern, Moody, Romantic Weddings at Rural Hill Farm

Use the images below from one of Rural Hill Farm’s weddings to inspire your dark and glamorous ceremony.

It’s autumn, and in wedding terms, that means dark, moody colors and romance. Velvet drapery over the altar, dried florals, and long tapestry candles set in brass fixtures create a visual scene that looks like something from a movie or painting. Loren & Kirk wanted to embrace both a moody aesthetic and the rustic vibe of their venue—Rural Hill Farm. 

With the deep greens of the forest, cloudy skies, and warm candlelit reception, each detail made their day extra special and felt like a dose of modern, moody romance in the autumn. Cody & Allison Photography captured each element of their wedding beautifully, from the table settings to the happy newlyweds.

As you can see from each stunning image, Rural Hill Farm served as a gorgeous backdrop for their entire ceremony and reception, merging rustic with modern. If we look at today’s wedding trends, we see that the merging of both aesthetics is quite popular. 

Many weddings we’ve been seeing fuse farmhouse, rustic glam, and contemporary style to create an ambient space fueled by natural elements, such as wood and brick. For fall weddings, rich and deep colors are popular. 

Loren & Kirk chose to use a deep orange color as the focus for their altar, which is perfect for channeling that autumn feel. Loren also used a vintage orange couch as a photo prop for her and her bridesmaids, creating a cohesive color scheme and personal flair to her photographs where edgy meets romantic. 

What moody, romantic elements do you plan on infusing into your wedding theme? Schedule a tour at Rural Hill Farm and let us help you bring the day of your dreams to life! 

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Spring Weddings At Rural Hill Farm

With a lush, green backdrop and comfortable temperatures around 70°F, it’s no wonder that spring is one of the most popular times for weddings in the Nashville area. Here’s what to expect when it comes to a spring wedding at Rural Hill Farm.

How to pick a spring wedding date

Before picking a spring date for your wedding, consider this:

Check the calendar

Make sure to consult the calendar before setting your spring wedding date! For religious folks, the date for Easter changes each year and some congregations won’t allow marriage ceremonies during Lent. In some cases, choosing a wedding date before Easter can actually save you money as you select your preferred vendors, as this time is traditionally slower for business.

Decide on your budget

When it comes to allocating budget for your wedding venue, you may have more flexibility than you think. At Rural Hill Farm, we require that couples choosing a weekend wedding from April to June book a wedding package, while those looking to save could choose a weekend in March, a Sunday, or an intimate weekday to experience the beauty of a wedding at Rural Hill Farm at a lower price.

Book early

Want to get married on a Saturday in May? Book your venue right away! There are only 12 weekends of spring, so if your heart is set on a specific venue in a certain year, you may have to be flexible with the date.

Spring wedding considerations

One of the best parts about choosing a spring wedding in Tennessee is the beautiful wedding photo opportunities. At Rural Hill Farm, we have more than 150 acres of lush landscapes, including a pond which has allowed our past couples to capture some incredibly beautiful wedding photos. Here are some of our tips for making your spring wedding just as magical.

Choose color wisely

Spring weddings are the perfect time for pastel, light, and bright color palettes. From bridesmaid dresses to centerpieces to flowers and more, lean on the colors found naturally in spring to create a timeless, lovely look.

Watch the weather

Spring is the wettest season in the Nashville area, so it’s important to have a plan in place. While many couples choose to have their weddings outdoors at Rural Hill Farm, our pavilion offers a lovely backup in case of inclement weather.

Pick the right shoes

While it may seem silly, the right footwear can make or break your special day. If you’re planning to wear thin high heels, you’ll want to take a look at the aisle for the ceremony to ensure your heels won’t get stuck in any cracks, gaps, or soft grass. Additionally, with a spring wedding, you may be up against some soggy conditions when it comes to finding perfect photo locations. One way to ensure you get the shot you want without ruining your shoes is to simply pack a pair of flats or wedges to keep you above ground while in wet locations.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to host your spring wedding near Nashville, Tennessee, you’ve found it with Rural Hill Farm. Escape the hustle and bustle and find a charming rustic getaway just minutes from the city. Contact us today to find out more about our wedding event packages and pricing.

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What You Need to Know About Wedding Rentals

From elopements and destination weddings to huge gatherings of extended family and friends, there’s no one way to get married. When it comes to wedding planning, the number one decision to make is who to marry, but a close second is where. Here’s what you need to know about wedding rentals.

Get the best of both worlds

Wedding rental properties allow couples to enjoy the best of local and destination weddings. Local weddings appeal to many couples due to the ease of arrangement, ability to see the space ahead of time, and likelihood that more guests will attend. On the other hand, many couples choose destination weddings for the beautiful landscapes and opportunities to spend more time with their guests, often a full weekend or more. By choosing a wedding rental like Rural Hill Farm, couples enjoy the best of both worlds with multiple cabins on 150 acres of idyllic Middle Tennessee beauty with close proximity to Nashville.

Enjoy vendor flexibility

One of the best parts about choosing a wedding rental property for your venue is the ability to choose from a wider vendor selection. Unlike traditional banquet halls and wedding establishments, a wedding rental won’t have its own food service or beverage company. This allows couples to bring in their own vendors for a truly personalized experience. Want falafel for dinner or late-night BBQ? No problem! When looking for rental wedding venues, make sure that the property has a kitchen or staging area for caterers and a bar area for drink service to ensure a smooth, hassle-free night.

All-in-one ease

One of the best parts about choosing a wedding rental property is that all events can take place in one location. With the ceremony, reception, and guest lodging all available on-site, there’s no need to worry about transportation between venues or concerns over drinking and driving. Instead, you can keep the good times rolling throughout the weekend and enjoy a resort-like vibe with your guests with all entertainment and activities throughout your wedding weekend.

Set on 150 beautiful acres in Mt. Juliet, Rural Hill Farm is the perfect place to celebrate your special day. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a property tour!

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