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Rural Hill Farm Blog

How Our Story Began at Rural Hill Farm

The story of Rural Hill Farm—how it all began—goes back to a Saturday morning in 2012. This Saturday started like any other day, waking up with breakfast and coffee with my husband, except the rest of the day would forever change our lives. 

Shortly after breakfast, my husband dragged me out to an auction for farm equipment. Though this is not my favorite pastime activity, I tagged along to show my support. We arrived at the auction, but it wasn’t long after our arrival that my husband’s interest shifted from the farm equipment to the land that was being auctioned. 

While he stood at the auction site, I decided to wander around the land. The natural beauty of this hidden Tennessee treasure was mesmerizing, and I fell in love with the property and quietly wished to call it mine. While the auctioneer was bid calling, I slipped away to the creek that sat tranquil on the property to calm my nerves about finding out who would win the land. 

I remember those next moments plain as day when a lady struck conversation with me about the peacefulness of this secluded acreage. “Looks like the tall guy with the glasses is the new owner,” she said. For a moment, I felt a mix of relief and disappointment, knowing that my husband doesn’t wear glasses. But when I looked up the hill toward the auction site, I spotted my husband: tall, wearing sunglasses. 

From that moment onward, we have poured our heart and soul into creating what Rural Hill Farm is today: a beautiful location giving you the freedom to celebrate those special days in your life. 

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