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How to Plan A Graduation Party

If you’ve got a graduating senior, now is the time to start planning their graduation party. From food and fun to decor and desserts, here are some tips you’ll need to plan a wonderful graduation party — stress-free. 

Choose the right venue 

One of the best parts about living in Middle Tennessee is the weather. When it comes to hosting a party, our great weather gives hosts the flexibility to choose between indoor and outdoor spaces. When it comes to picking a grad party location, it’s a good idea to choose a venue that offers a bit of both environments. Covered pavilions and tents are great ways to take advantage of nice weather while also offering a contingency plan in case of rainfall. Before deciding on a venue, make sure to ask about the electrical setup. The last thing you want to do is run a noisy generator near guests for food or entertainment needs.  

Don’t forget the decor 

Whether you’re hosting a grad party at home or at a Nashville-area event venue, having the right decorations can make your event one to remember. Consider making table centerpieces featuring the graduate’s school photos from elementary, middle, and high school. Using school colors is a great way to stick with the theme. Pick up tablecloths and napkins that match or consider renting linens to create a classier feel. A word of advice: skip the confetti. These tiny pieces of plastic are a hassle to clean, dangerous to wildlife, and generally not worth the headache. Instead, try sprinkling wrapped mints or candies on tables for an edible, yet decorative solution.  

Create a beautiful backdrop 

A graduation party is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family you may not see very often. It also may be one of the last times a new grad will see some of their old friends, so it’s important to capture the memories. Creating a designated photo area is a great way to encourage guests to take photos, while serving as decor. If choosing a naturally beautiful venue, like Rural Hill Farm, you may want to enlist the help of a photographer to capture professional-quality photos with your loved ones. 

Fun for all ages 

Planning the perfect graduation party also means considering your younger guests. While outdoor activities and sports are wonderful go-to ideas, one unique way to entertain children is by creating a scavenger hunt photo list. Have kids use a disposable, Polaroid, or cellphone camera to capture images from a pre-selected list — note things such as “a smiling Grandma” or “the graduate with her friends” to keep kids busy, engaged, and content capturing memories of their own.  

If you’re planning a graduation party near Nashville, it’s time to consider Rural Hill Farm. Our family-friendly venue is set on 150-acres of rolling Middle Tennessee farmland, able to comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests in our covered pavilions. Contact us with any questions or schedule a tour of Rural Hill Farm today!