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5 Reasons a Bridal Suite is a Must Have at Your Wedding Venue

The morning of your wedding day is a very special time and can set the atmosphere for the rest of the big day. A bridal suite allows for quiet moments with your loved ones, serves as a refueling station, and can be a safe haven from the potential chaos on the other side of the door. Here are a few reasons a bridal suite is a must have at your wedding venue.

Girl time

A bridal suite allows for quiet time with the special women in your life. This is the space your loved ones will watch you transform into a bride. Whether your crowd is 15 or just two – this dedicated space will allow you to relax, laugh, and pray with your loved ones. The private space also lessens your chance of running into your groom unbeknownst!


The space makes for picture perfect moments. Many wedding photographers use the bridal suite for pictures of special items like your gown, bouquet, special jewelry or shoes. It also makes for a fun mini photo shoot with your best friends!


Being able to get ready right at your venue can save time and will make certain your hair and makeup will be fresh and photo-ready. You don’t have to worry about sweating in the car or smudged make-up while traveling from different locations. You and your bridal party can get your hair and makeup done in one place right at the site of the ceremony. Another added bonus – if you need to reset your powder or add some blush after per-ceremony pictures, you can just pop back into the bridal suite.


Where you put your stuff and where it might end up might not be your first concern on your wedding day but can cause a huge headache. Gathering and storing important items in the bridal suite during the ceremony is a great way to stay organized and save time when it’s time for departure.


On your wedding day, it can be easy to go several hours without eating. The reception can get busy and you might not have the chance to grab a plate. A wedding suite can serve as a refueling station for you throughout the day. You can bring snacks or have a caterer make a spread. Either way, it is important to hydrate and fuel up throughout the day.

You won’t regret having a wedding day sanctuary just for you and your loved ones on your special day. Duck Pond Farm’s intimate bridal suite is complete with a shower, plenty of electrical outlets, large prep areas, and several mirrors including a full size wall mirror. Call (615) 674-1969 to schedule a visit.

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